Episode 007 ft. HASHIRA

HASHIRA is a producer, artist and DJ based in London, UK. With strong influences from the underground electronic & techno scenes in the UK and Detroit.

He likes to incorporate these styles and add his own touch, infusing his beats & songs with elements of more youthful genres like trap. His Indian roots play a big part in sound selection and he loves bringing a modern eastern sound to the table. But most importantly, he wants to make you dance!


Hashira- Exit 90K  (00:00)
Hashira- Too Fast       (01:50)
Method Man ft. Busta Rhymes - Whats Happening  (04:34)
Hashira- Flybye Toad (07:37)
Hot Since 82 - Like you (11:46)
aywy ft. rvdical the kid - hide&seek (13:34)
aywy - miss148 (16:36)
RLE Soundcrew (MrHighQuality) - Yennekae Remix (19:40)
Troyboi - Do you (msft remix) (20:33)
aywy - delhi belly (23:00)
GAMEFACE - Lakshmi (25:15)
Mobb Deep ft. Young Buck - Give it to me (27:22)
Hashira- Return of da Rishi (30:30)
Hashira- Riddles (33:26)
Dilip - Dots (35:07)
Homework - Hippie Circle (37:27)
Yugi boi ft. hxns, anka, chromonicci, dilip, otxhello, kev & anh - The End (40:08)
KΛGWΣ - Felt (43:07)

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